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DIMA SHARIF: The Classic Victorian Recipe for Roast Goose & A Quick Class On Goose (Prepping, Cooking and Pairing)


HOTCH POTCH - A recipe traditionally associated with a big pot of food simmering on the fire. This recipe does not contain meat, which was out of the price range of many poorer families, except on special occasions. It is also a dish that was adapted to the seasons and people used what vegetables were available to them.. - Victorian Recipe (


from the Complete Home, 1879 Yorkshire Pudding - When roasting a piece of beef, lay it on sticks in your baking pan, so that the juice from the meat will drop into the pan below. Three-quarters of an hour before the beef is done mix the following pudding and pour into the pan under the meat, letting the drippings continue to fall upon it: One pint milk, four eggs well beaten, two cups flour, one teaspoon of salt. Victorian Recipes