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7 Scientific Reasons Why I Don't Punish – Discipline

Minecraft – PlayStation 4 is a fun and exciting game for kids, will expand their imagination with this endless world and create whatever they desires and there is a constant challenge of survival. I highly recommend starting with the tutorial which goes over only the basics and then it jumps over to the “survival mode” has you waking up in the middle of nowhere and learning to fend for yourself.

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ADDitude-Approved Video and Computer Games for Kids

Computer and Video Games for Kids with ADHD: Minecraft, Starcraft, Bad Piggies

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Best Xbox 360 Games for Kids

Kinect Disneyland Adventures, $50 | Best Xbox Games for Kids -

All kidding aside, video games actually do have some benefits for kids, according to recent studies. New Blog! Can Video Games Be Good for Kids? Here’s How to Make the Most of Your Kid’s Screen Time #parenting

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Why I Took My Kids Electronics Away

Do you get tired of your kids faces being in front of a screen every free moment they have? These electronics tickets saved my sanity and gave my kids their creativity back! Print out these free electronic tickets for your kids!

Over the past 20 years, I have conducted thousands of interviews with kids and their families, I have learned about the power and perils of digital media. I have heard from families about their use of computer, console, handheld, online, smartphone, and tablet-based video games. But one game has stood out as the most popular and compelling game for children with ADHD: Minecraft. Why does Minecraft appeal so much to children with ADHD?