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Video games vs real life

Dorkly Comic: Videogames vs. Real Life (Part II)

Dorkly Comic: Videogames vs. Real Life (Part II) [Comic]

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Videogames vs. Real Life

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Gamer Girls

This is hysterical! I don't freak out to real spiders bc im scared of them though, i freak out bc they always startle the bejesus out of me! They're never slowly coming from across the room- they always pop up right in your face!

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Video games vs. Real life.

Video games vs. Real life.

Video games vs. Real life. Aw I used to play the game with the snowman all the time

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You need to have your priorities in order

My house in skyrim has plates and bowls everywhere. I accidently used my unrelenting force shout

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24 Hilarious Posts That Only Gamers Will Understand

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Why Video Games Are Better Than Reality: Part 4 by *Isriana on deviantART

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Dugtrio vs. Machamp…

Dugtrio vs. Machamp… Words cannot describe just how wonderful I think this is...

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