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Pronunciation #5 : Vietnamese Alphabet - Bảng chữ cái Tiếng Việt (Learn Southern Vietnamese Accent with SVFF) . This channel teaches all about Southern Vietnamese Accent. This accent is popularly used nationally and nearly 100% of dubbing movies on TV are using this accent. All southern provinces - including Ho Chi Minh City - use this accent. . Please give us some feedback by comment below. Hope you enjoy the channel . For daily posts and vocabularies about Learning Vietnamese check our…

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This image is the Vietnamese alphabet. The language is similar to the American alphabet, except there are accents. Also, ther letters "f,j,w,z" are not found in the alphabet. In the olden days, Vietnamese was similar to Arabic in the sense that both were made out of brush strokes. A difference is the modern day Vietnamese has accents, where as Arabic does not.