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Very disappointed in the officiating tonight. How can professional referees miss something so blatant? Ref's should be fined when they miss blatant game changing calls and non-calls, especially when the NFL claims to be trying to do all they can to protect QB's. Players get fined for all sorts of ridiculous things. I GUARANTEE you if that was Brady or Rodgers there would have been multiple flags on the ground before the ball even sailed through the end zone. The Vikes Defense was amazing and…

#AmericasTeam looks to take down the Vikings on the road tonight! Were hoping for another big game from @EzekielElliott! Go@dallascowboys!

from Deadspin

Officials Missed A Huge Blow To Sam Bradford's Head On Game-Deciding Play

The Minnesota Vikings held Dak Prescott to his fewest yards passing in an NFL game and staged a late comeback against the Dallas Cowboys tonight, but they came up short on a late two-point conversion and lost, 17-15. After hitting Jerick McKinnon for a touchdown pass, Sam Bradford airmailed his two-point throw a few yards above his receiver’s head, effectively ending the game.