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Vintage Barbie Q Ensemble (1959-1962): Backyard BBQ ensemble includes Rose Cotton Sundress, White Apron, White Chef’s Hat, Knife with Red Handle, Spatula with Red Handle, Spoon with Red Handle, Wooden Rolling Pin, Potholder

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vintage barbie clothes 1960 | Genuine Barbie Fashion Luxurious 1960's Vintage Reproduction Ensemble ...

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My babysitter gave me some Barbie clothes she no longer wanted, including the apron from this Vintage Barbie Baby-Sits set.

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Vintage Barbie Clothing Photo Gallery: Red Flare #939 c. 1962-1965 Modeled by Bubblecut Barbie

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Vintage Barbie in Friday Night Date Personally I would never wear this on a date but that's just me.

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1963-1964 Vintage Barbie Senior Prom #951. Always thought this was the prettiest color combination of all Barbie's clothes....I still pair those two colors together, 50 years later!

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