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Vintage Couples

Love Is Not Just Kisses – Adorable Vintage Snapshots Captured Lovely Moments of Couples

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27 Vintage Photos of Military Couples That Will Melt Your Heart

Helen's older brother enlisted in WWII and was killed after his tank was bombed and he burned to death. This was him and his wife, Penny Reynolds. They were married for five years.

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6 Ways Rock-Solid Couples Show How Much They CHERISH Each Other


You swept me off my feet, Darlin! .... vintage couple | Tumblr Chad calls me darling and the first time we met on the sidewalk in front of my place I jumped into his arms and he embraced me wonderful!


And in the time of great crisis, when her tears were plentiful and her days were dark, he took her in his arms ad told her "everything is going to be okay." When she asked him how he knew it would, he kissed her and said, "because I love you."