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NGC 7714 is a spiral galaxy 100 million light-years from Earth — a relatively close neighbour in cosmic terms. The galaxy has witnessed some violent and dramatic events in its recent past. Tell-tale signs of this brutality can be seen in NGC 7714's strangely shaped arms, and in the smoky golden haze that stretches out from the galactic centre — caused by an ongoing merger with its smaller galactic companion NGC 7715, which is out of the frame of this image.


14th April 1912: Survivors of the 'Titanic' disaster nearing the 'Carpathia', in a lifeboat. The arrow points to Joseph Bruce Ismay, chairman of the White Star Line.


J. Bruce Ismay (12 December 1862 – 17 October 1937[1]) was an English businessman who served as chairman and managing director of the White Star Line of steamships. He came to international attention as the highest-ranking White Star official among the 712 survivors (vs. 1,496 fatalities from crew and passengers totaling 2,208) of the maiden voyage of his company's marquee ocean liner, the RMS Titanic.[2] | Wikipedia (J. Bruce Ismay.jpeg)


Laurie Cunningham aged 17, at Brisbane Road, home to Leyton Orient FC, 1973.// In 1989, footballer Laurie Cunningham’s life was cut short by a car crash on the outskirts of Madrid. He was 33 years old.