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Vista not

Indoor-outdoor connection, bifold doors, or maybe lots of french doors. Also like how indoor kitchen is connected to outdoor kitchen, but not sure how useful this would be in reality.

68 day...legally or not...I shall travel to Cuba, find this door, and with Buena Vista Social Club playing in my ears, I'll imagine the lives all lived on the other side.


- last week's bullet journal layout in the Nuuna notebook. Still loving the mini dot grid and the A6 format - nice and compact for my everyday carry at work and for the nappy bag. Have gone back to weekly with notes layout for the time being. It's working better for rapid logging purposes during the week and I can look at everything planned for the week at a glance. Not a fan of having to draw up the weeks in advance, so I'm only doing 8-week blocks then continuing on with notes and…


We could do spells for opening 3rd eye. I'm finding small ones so far that we could combine. let new know if it's an area you wanna do spell work on or not.


~Vista Grande Trail~ The Town of Danville is located in the San Ramon Valley in Contra Costa County, California. It is one of the incorporated municipalities in California that uses "town" in its name instead of "city"~ [wiki]


Galletas Saludables con sólo 3 ingredientes!!! Mezcla 2 plátanos con 1 taza de avena y un puño de pasas, nueces, Chispas de fresa o chocolate, coco, etc., ojo, no pongas muchas pasas porque si no se te deshacen las galletas. En una charola engrasada o con papel para hornear pon 16 pequeñas cucharadas a 180° por 15 mins., (No las pierdas de vista ya que el tiempo varía de horno a horno)