Ocular migraines are painless, temporary visual disturbances that can affect one or both eyes. Click to learn more!

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Visual Migraine Animation- sort of similar to what my auras look like. I definitely don't agree with the "no pain, so just enjoy the display" part. Some people are lucky enough to just have the aura with no migraine!

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Ocular Migraine Symptoms and Top Tips to Deal with Ocular Migraines at www.migrainesavvy.com. Have a Read! #MigraineSavvy

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wow, really liking the aura art on google. this is totally what mine look like except mirror image. Migraine Aura Paintings | Recent Photos The Commons Getty Collection Galleries World Map App ...

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Ocular or Visual Migraine .. can cause loss of vision or temporary blindness lasting for 20-30 mins. Experts usually call or refer to this type of migraine as “monocular,” “ophthalmic,” or “retinal” migraines and are often referred to as silent migraines.

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