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ABSTRACT CONNECTION #1: Michael Jackson~ Look at Mr. Jackson's hand. Do you see how light it is compared to the rest of his body? Michael Jackson is probably the most famous celebrity that struggled with vitiligo. He was a victim to slander and tabloids, and it caused him to become obsessive about his physical appearance.

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Is it just me or does he still look beautiful? ☺️☺️☺️ poor Mikey

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You can quite clearly see that he has vitiligo in this photo! | Curiosities and Facts about Michael Jackson ღ by ⊰@carlamartinsmj⊱

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See???? Its a thing guys. u dont have to just assume he "bleached" his skin. its called VITILIGO and people cant just take medicine and it will go away because once it starts eating away the natural skin you cant stop it. We know and love you no matter what MJ

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#MichaelJackson Did he REALLY change all that much over the years? I don't think so.© Raynetta Manees, Author of #AllForLove, inspired by Michael Jackson

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Vitiligo on his fingers and toes. You give me butterflies inside Michael... ღ by ⊰@carlamartinsmj⊱

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