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Does anyone else find this shirt ironic? If you notice in a bunch of VIXX music video's in the choreography Ken is the one that all of the fatal stuff happens to. Lol

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Ken (@jaehwany0406): 켄선생님 수업마치고~ 민낯 잘생긴 진진진이랑 밥묵고 아수쿠림~냠냠~>< 울 뵬뷫애기들은 밥묵읏나~??헤에 After Teacher Ken’s class~ Ate with handsome bare-faced Jinjinjin and now ice cream~yumyum~>< Did my Starlight babies eat~??hehe Trans. cr: fyeah-vixx

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Holy mother of... Ken looks so good with the contacts and this hair! Not even my bias but he's up there!

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