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Vladimir Mayakovsky

Vladimir Mayakovsky. "Russian poet and author, in his early twenties. We’re just taking a wild guess here, but Mayakovsky probably isn’t going to call you." Via My Daguerreotype Boyfriend.


By ALEKSANDER M. RODCHENKO || COVER OF A BOOK BY VLADIMIR MAYAKOVSKI ( 1928 ) (OPC-Original Pinner's Comment-cover_of_the_book_about_that_by_vladimir_mayakovski_1923_c_a_rodchenko_v_stepanova_archive_moscow_house_of_photography_museum.jpg (1000×1510) )

from niutoday

Poetry, puppetry fuel Third Onion production

The Allen Ginsberg Project: Vladimir Mayakovsky (1893-1930). An Extraordinary Adventure Which Happened To Me, Vladimir Mayakovsky, One Summer In The Country.

Vladimir Mayakovsky 1924 by Alexander Rodchenko.