Saint Vladimir of Kiev. Grand Prince of Kiev and Prince of Novgorod. Rurik dynasty. (34th great grandfather on mom's side)

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Vladimir the Great - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Vladimir the Great - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Prince Vladimir I, otherwise known as Vladimir the Great, converted the kingdom to Orthodox Christianity.

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ROGNEDA, one of wives of VLADIMIR THE GREAT and mother of Yaroslav The Wise.Vladimir was a son of Grand Prince from the one side, but his mother was a serf. So when 22-year old Vladimir wooed to Rogneda she refused him and named him 'a serf'.Outraged Vladimir conquered her town,raped her and then killed her parents and brothers. Then he forced Rogneda to marry him,she gave birth to seven children.After 7 years of marriage she tried to kill Vladimir but failed and he sent her in exile.

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19th cent. mosaic of Vladimir the Great and St. Olga (10th cent.). St. Isaac's Cathedral, St. Petersburg.

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