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PLUS, Drivers Licenses, most often used as voter IDs, require married women to use their maiden name as their middle name - so it does not match their LEGAL name either. WHAT'S THIS HOCUS POCUS?

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UNJUSTIFIED HOMICIDES USING GUNS. ..Tell me again which one is the "rampant" problem!!!!!

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Voter ID's keep non-citizens from voting; you wouldn't want foreigner's to determine what is best for Americans.

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Voter ID laws don't prevent voter fraud (there have been 31 cases out of a billion votes cast in the last decade) they just make it harder for students, poor people, disabled people and elderly people to cast their ballots. And that's _exactly_ the intent. Don't believe the hype.

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Surprised? NOT ME! ------ What a crock of B.S. - let's see if you can spread a little more B.S. while you sit back and cry in your milk because Obama won AGAIN!! Get over it and accept the wonderful fact that Obama has FOUR WONDERFUL MORE YEARS!!!!!!!

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Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) on Tuesday blasted the Justice Department’s assertion that voter ID laws are discriminatory to minorities. Using South Carolina’s voter ID law as an example, Gowdy dismantled the race-based argument against such legislation in about 5 minutes.

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Dec 28 U.K. gets tough: Passes voter ID to stop fraud in Muslim areas...

U.K. gets tough: Passes voter ID to stop fraud in Muslim areas...

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Humor: Voter ID — The Patriot Post #I approve message/r give top marks to those who died/served/r serving 4 freedom 2 create it! FCK-BHO!

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