April is National Poetry Month -- have some fun with it!  --- Love this idea!!!

I used to do something like this with my bulletin boards as an RA, and they were usually a pretty big hit! Would be fun to try with the teens/tweens next year for National Poetry Month! I love this idea!

Vegan Gyro Salad Recipe: This veggie-packed gyro-inspired salad is topped with greek-spiced chickpeas, crispy baked flatbread strips for crunch, and a creamy vegan tzatziki sauce.

Vegan Gyro Salad

vegan gyro salad: veggie packed gyro inspired salad topped with greek spiced chickpeas, crispy baked flatbread strips, and a creamy vegan tzatziki sauce

My go-to summer meal! Simple {no cook} Zucchini Caprese Salad is fully on fresh summer flavors and takes no time to throw together as no cooking is required. Filled with fresh tomatoes, garlic, balsamic, basil and zucchini!

Simple (no cook) Zucchini Caprese Salad

Simple {no cook} Zucchini Caprese Salad, toss in some simply sautéed shrimp for protein

Don't let your feelings or emotions get in the way. READ THE FACTS! Then decide! You Choose!

Clinton vs Trump open up this to fully read. The part about Hillary selling our URANIUM for backdoor profits to her charity is just sick!

What is an Election House Party?    An Election House Party means inviting friends, neighbors, or colleagues to discuss information on candidates or ballot measures prior to voting. House Parties don’t need to cost the host more than a bag of chips to pass around, gatherings can be of any size, and they are a fun way to prepare to vote!    House Parties can be a rare opportunity for people to seek an honest and accurate understanding of what they will be voting on. Discussing what you’ve…

California Voter Foundation - How to Host an Election House Party

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