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17 things you wouldn't expect to make in a waffle iron. I think I need to go by one!!!

The ULTIMATE list of waffled food! If you’ve ever done any experimenting with your waffle maker, you know that it can produce some pretty good scrambled eggs, brownies, cinnamon rolls, and much more.

Cake Mix Waffles - make the cake batter as instructed on the box then make them just like you do waffles. Top with your favorite ice cream!.

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Cinnamon Roll Waffles...yummy! A much quicker method to making these, but you must watch them because they will cook up very quickly in the waffle iron.

  • Michaelene Munn

    anything cinnamon brings back sunday breakfast memories of my dads love for cooking....and cinnamon

  • Kevin M Pica

    we make them all the time! I love them.

  • Lydia Stalcup

    I made them and they turned out alright, perhaps it depends on the iron? I love these!

  • Kimberly Kraft

    First batch was great (crispy though)....but after that....everything stuck so hard that it was no fun getting out. Still tasty but I think I ruined the waffle maker. And yes, I sprayed it! Hubby says that the cinnamon layer most likely is the culprit. :-( I was so happy bcuz it was so quick. The other eat more than you would otherwise. lol

  • Melissa Hicks

    I made them, and we were unimpressed... very dense :(

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Waffle Iron Hashbrowns. Guess what you can make hashbrowns in your waffle iron. Just 3 easy steps!

The Easy Way to Clean Your Waffle Iron (and other tricky appliances you can't wash in sink or dishwasher)

Satisfy s’mores cravings any time with your waffle iron and four ingredients you probably have already!

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Waffle Iron Grilled Cheese Sandwich.~ we are going to have some fun with our new toy. Jenna Nelson Nelson Nelson Nelson Nelson Hill Zlotkowski Rachel Z

Red Velvet Waffle Iron Cookies from JensFavoriteCooki... - SO fast and easy to make, with a red velvet cake mix!

Waffle Iron Grilled Cheese Sandwich. OMG I am so doing this the next time we have grilled cheese!

Hash Browns | Community Post: 17 Unexpected Foods You Can Cook In A Waffle Iron

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Cinnamon Rolls | 17 Unexpected Foods You Can Cook In A Waffle Iron

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17 unexpected foods you can cook in a waffle iron. From brownies to quesadillas.

Doughnut Waffles! Baked in the waffle iron. No deep-frying required!

  • Meow

    Oh waffle iron, is there anything you can't do?

23 Things You Can Cook In A Waffle Iron | Waffle Iron Pizza Pockets

  • Kourtney

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  • Gregory Knott

    Nice stromboli!

23 Things You Can Cook In A Waffle Iron | Waffle Iron Hashbrowns..... Best. List. Ever!

Waffled Banana Bread: Yep, it's banana bread made in the waffle iron. AND IT'S SO GOOD!!!! #recipe

Churro Apple Pie Waffles

  • Connie Read

    This looks wonderful

  • Lisa B.

    Have you tried the ones from brownie mix? Just add one more egg than package directions. Yummy.

  • Laura Dean

    Lisa I have made those from refrigerated rolls they are a great fast out the door breakfast

  • Lisa B.

    Have seem waffles that you make from refrigerated cinnamon rolls? Similar idea.

  • Laura Dean

    Not healthy but so scrumptious looking

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. #breakfast #recipe #food #recipe

Cook hash browns in a waffle iron for extra crispy goodness. (This pin may have changed my culinary life!) #cookingtips #food #recipes

  • Nereida Deitmen

    I can believe this I always have trouble trying to make crispy hashbrown this is awesome.

Moms! You NEVER Thought Your Waffle Iron Could Do All This!! :)

23 Things You Can Cook In A Waffle Iron : bacon; scrambled eggs; fried egg breakfast sandwich; brownies; cheeseburger; French toast; pizza pockets; pizza; hot dogs; s’mores; doughnuts; quesadillas; Panini; crab cakes; carrot cake; mac & cheese; cinnamon rolls; cookies; soft pretzels; corn bread; hashbrowns; bread pudding; and confetti cake… so clever!

  • Kathy Davis

    banana bread , grilled cheese, roll cookie dough, to name a few more!

Mini Doughnuts made in your waffle iron, then dipped in cinnamon sugar. Perfect for the holidays! | The Kitchen Magpie #Christmas #recipes #Doughnuts

Perfect hash browns every time! Waffle Iron Hash Brown Tater Tots -