When it comes to cats, tail posture and movement are not quite as easy to interpret. They are still, however, sending a message.

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Baby Boy Name: Warner. Meaning: Guard; Protector. Origin: German; Old English. http://www.pinterest.com/vintagedaydream/baby-names/

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Baby Boy Name: August. Meaning: Worthy of Respect. Origin: Latin; German. http://www.pinterest.com/vintagedaydream/baby-names/

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These are accurate and differ from dog tail speak. Cat communication is usually subtle.

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For dogs, tail wagging typically implies a happy disposition. Click to find out what tail-wagging means for cats. (Photo Credit: @kraken_and_ilarion)

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Baby Boy Name: Gwaine. Meaning: Little Falcon or White Falcon. Origin: Welsh. http://www.pinterest.com/vintagedaydream/baby-names/

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When it comes to cats, tail posture and movement are not quite as easy to…

NIEVA - A1102797 - - Brooklyn TO BE DESTROYED 02/11/17 A volunteer writes: Nieva means “it snows” in Spanish, and aside from her beautiful white coat she has nothing in common with it! Nieva is the opposite of cold. In fact, each time I pass her kennel, she has the warmest greeting: the thud thud of her tail wagging and her soulful brown eyes pleading with me to take her out. Nieva seems very housetrained and is always quick to relieve herself. As she explores

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These metallic sneakers have more than 94,000 pins on Pinterest—which means they're probably worth checking out.

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