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Wake County School Closings

from Washington Post

Charter board has spent $1 million to close failed schools

In theory, the District is not responsible for debts or other obligations left behind by the independent, non-profit boards that operate the schools. In practice, the city has spent a little over $1 million since 2008 closing out failed charter schools, executive director Scott Pearson told the D.C. Council on Tuesday.


State approves $30 million youth jail

"Baltimore City is extremely bad for income mobility for children in poor families. It is among the worst counties in the U.S." Location & Education Matters New York Times Interactive National Map, see how things are where you live:


".....there are a lot of great deals and love that the schools are all striving for equality no matter the address....besides a successful attorney (especially with the attorney Jobs Bill of 2012/ marriage amendment) would probably have the cash to use a private school option or be a member of a charter such as Franklin Academy.....tell them Lynn...reassignment headaches are in the history/rearview mirror in Wake County......thanks."


This is my dear friend. Please join us in fighting this injustice: Child caught in middle of custody battle | Video |


Combining hard-hitting investigative journalism and a sweeping family narrative, this provocative true story reveals a little-known chapter of American history: the period after the Brown v. Board of Education decision when one Virginia school system refused to integrate. In the wake of the Supreme Court’s unanimous Brown v. Board of Education decision, Virginia’s Prince Edward County refused to obey the law. Rather than desegregate, the county closed its public schools, locking and…


Hidalgo County Sheriff may have Killer of US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in Custody - Fast and Furious Update

Zollie Lyons, sharecropper, home from the field for dinner at noontime, and part of his family. He has thirteen acres of tobacco and a labor force of five. Upchurch, Wake County, North Carolina. Photo by Dorothea Lange