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Walkaway Joe Tunic Dress - White. i would love this outfit except for the boots :) i got my own pair!


He flies. No questions asked peasents. DEFY THE LAWS OF GRAVITY, PETE, YEAH! *flies away* HE WENTZ!


Amy: Ty, listen to me! Joe made his own choices, okay? He’s responsible for them. Don’t walk away from me! You need to hear this! You don’t owe Joe anything! Ty: Yes, I do. I told you before. He’s the reason I got out of juvie, he’s the reason I didn’t go back to that life. Amy: No, you did that. You changed your life, because you worked hard and you’re strong and decent. Not because of Joe. Ty: You don’t understand, Amy. You don’t understand. Heartland - 7x07 - Best Man