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Ikr when something like this happens and I have this look, my parents know that someone I got attached to just died

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(╯✧▽✧)╯ <- I'd bow down. Huehue. If you know what I mean~. EHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH

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Besides the scene in which Daryl nukes a motorcycle gang of Saviors, this episode was kick-ass!

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absolutely NOT the way I thought that scene was gonna go but without a doubt it was the BEST scene!!

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The Walking Dead Season 7 Ep.1 Rick Grimes ( Andrew Lincoln) in Episode 1 Photo by Gene Page/AMC

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At some point this world breaks you but you can always come back is up to you to decide

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🆕 The Walking Dead Charm Necklace Unique Walking Dead charm necklace. Pendant features Rick Grimes' Hat & pistol and Daryl Dickson's crossbow. Other charms include hatchet, lantern, and binoculars. Approximately 14" Long. Please ask if you have questions. Michonne. Carl. Negan. The Kingdom. Zombie apocalypse. Saviors. Jewelry Necklaces