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Benefits of Walking Everyday

The joys of walking are unmatched, and I’ve learnt this as I go for a walk every day. The benefits of walking everyday are so many that it is hard to overl


How Long Will it Take Me to Lose 50 Pounds by Walking Everyday?

If you've decided that you must lose 50 pounds to reach your optimal weight, you've made a decision that can significantly improve your quality of...


Hi readers! Let’s Talk about Walking! Such a great and easy exercise to do and it holds so many benefits too! Here are some reasons why everyone should take a walk. Let’s get moving! Here are some reasons you should walk everyday… Everyone talks about the benefits of exercising, but not everyone might have access …


In December of 2010 LeeAnn suffered a T11 spinal cord injury due to a horrific snowboarding accident. Recently her body has really begun to “wake-up” and she is seeing increased ability during her sessions. She stands and walks everyday with assistance and her overall strength continues to increase. LeeAnn is a great ambassador for Project Walk as she brings the best out in everyone and is consistently encouraging other clients to do their best. She is this month’s Client Spotlight in…

Adopting my Ada was the best thing I ever did for various reasons but one of the main benefits is having to go for a walk everyday no matter how tired or stressed I am. I've so enjoyed observing the changing seasons with her over the past few months and a good walk always clears my mind whatever the weather #ways to walk

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7 Incredible Results You'll Get From Walking 30 Minutes A Day

7 Incredible Results You'll Get From Walking 30 Minutes A Day | Prevention