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April 4, 1973: Opening Day of World Trade Center Complex in NYC. (JEO: The Twin Towers were awesome..& scary! I worked on Wall Street for 40 years, including in a few WTC buildings. Pre-cellphone, people TALKED to each other on the streets at lunchtime, & I heard many people talk of how those Towers made them nervous. Some people swore they 'd never work in them! It was a huge concept for its time.


Bicycles still chained to a rack are among the artifacts from the World Trade Center. (Timothy Fadek for The Wall Street Journal)


This picture seriously makes me want to cry. For the loss of all lives that day. For the ongoing loss of freedoms. I am Australian. The destruction of these towers was the start of the 21st century. The dawn of the "Age of Aquarius", of Unrest and Terrorism. This picture holds such powerful symbolism. I long for the peace and relative innocence and security we did not know it represented when we had it. Such is life.

My hero is FDNY Captain Patrick Brown. "On September 11, 2001, Patrick and eleven men from Ladder 3 responded to the attacks at the World Trade Center. Along with so many other rescue workers, the men of Ladder 3 participated in perhaps the most successful rescue effort in U.S. history. These rescue workers, at their own peril, managed to safely evacuate over 25,000 people from those burning towers." -Cea