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Every WalMart in America costs the tax payers over $900,000 per year in subsidies to the billion dollar corporation and food stamps for workers. There are thousands of WalMart stores, the math is staggering. Waltons are the richest family in America, yet you and I still have to subsidize them because they can afford to pay lobbyists and bribe politicians to keep this scam going. Boycott WalMart . Gov pass higher minimum wage laws that prevent a huge corporation see comments


Water Beads Foot Spa Same effect as the one advertised on TV, but much cheaper. Grow the water beads in a dollar store dish pan overnight. (Water beads are available for $2 in the floral section at Walmart - I used two packs.). Remove excess cold water, and add warm water when ready to use. I also added one tbsp of bleach which will sanitize approximately 12 cups of water. The girls love the sensory experience, and I love the price :)

from The Pioneer Woman

It’s In the House!

I drove, with great anticipation and butterflies, to the Walmart store in Owasso, Oklahoma last night because I received word that my fall collection had officially been placed on the shelves. I fe…


Perfect for one-pot meals! The heavy weight of a Pioneer Woman Dutch oven is perfect for dishes like stew and chili that require an even temperature over a long period. Check out the full line by Ree Drummond available now at and in your store.


Hi Doll Friends! I went to a different Walmart today. I live in rural area and we have two cities to choose from when we go to town and toda...

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17 Foods That Forgot How To Food

long yellow things..lhahahahaha..if I saw this in my grocery store for real I would lose it