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Walmart Picture Studio

O, you're a photographer at Walmart Picture Studio? Do go on about how artistic you are.

While They Snooze: Metal File Cabinet Update with cheap plastic Walmart frames, Target hardware, and scrap wood


A winter wonderland birthday in the middle of August?…you better believe it. Here at Silverbox we have the Christmas music playing as we design your 2010 holiday cards. So when the request came in for an ice skating party at summer’s end, you know we were up for the challenge. These invitations were sent out in a snow globe and box with filler to set the mood of this gold medal invite.


Family tree finger painting. Mother's Day gift. Walmart picture frame. 4 8x10 canvases, my hand print painted into a tree. My 3 yr old did winter with a snowman footprint, the top two were my 9 yr olds' finger paintings of leaves on tree tops for spring (finger print dragonfly)and summer (handprint sun). My husband did fall with a thumbprint fire pit, finger length prints for fire and finger painted fall leaves. Grandma's gonna love it.