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Love in Disguise - Taiwanese movie-2010-Comedy/romance-Starring Liu Yi Fei, Lee Hom Wang, Han Dian Chen

Draco electric monster to outburst your fire for music

Created by the master craftsman from Emerald Guitars for a Thai customer Ekkasit, this bass guitar is fashioned after the dragon guitar the artist created for Wang Leehom. The form of this freaky guitar named “Draco” is made to resemble an outstretched dragon in flight with most of the details being focused at the back of the sculpture.

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王力宏 Wang Leehom 《十二生肖》"12 Zodiacs" (feat. Jackie Chan) Kind of obsessed with this song.

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歌后張惠妹 A-mei/A-mit唱歌王王力宏 Wang Leehom的歌! 好聽到雞皮疙瘩都掉滿地啦! (影片來源:秒拍@aMEI_feat_阿密特)

Singing Sensation Wang Leehom to Star in Adaptation of Stan Lee’s ‘Annihilator’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Leehom Wang stars as a police officer in Michael Mann's thriller, "Blackhat". The movie also features Chris Hemsworth and Tang Wei.

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