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BONS TEMPOS ;-; era um feto nessa época ta talvez tenha exagerado nas bebidas You're worse than nicotine É worse ou worst Nem lembro mais a letra Faz 20 anos que não canto this music Na verdade 4 meses mas ok

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Sixth plate tintype of a regimental band as they ready to play some dancing music. Most likely from one of the many Irish regiments but their actual identity is unknown. There are a total of 8 band members all holding various instruments. The two men in the far back are holding clarinets. The two men in the center playing violins are flanked by a flute player and a fellow playing the chello. (Continued in comments.)

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Quite nice condition, .69 cal., Confederate Cavalry carbine, blacksmith crafted from an 1849 date, Model 1842 Springfield, 3-band musket. It is smooth bore and would have carried a lethal load of buck or buck and ball. This is a sharp looking little weapon, quite typical of which many Confederate Cavalrymen were armed.

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I still make myself laugh with this! Band of brothers

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Cold War Kids - one of the best songs I have EVER seen live was CWK and Delta Spirit playing 'St John'

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dit waren de soldaten in de 2de wereldoorlog in Nederland deze pistolen gebruikten ze veel in Nederland.

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Civil War Band - "The two generals had gotten together and agreed upon a truce of sorts, before the battle resumed the next day. The Union band started playing songs, a common occurrence and a pick-me-up for northern soldiers. The Confederates were close enough to hear and would yell across the empty fields. Imagine that: in the cold and damp winter, mostly shoeless Confederates who would yell “That’s a great one,” across the field and finally “Play some of ours!!” to remind them of home."

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i-fernanda-dias: To Carrie Fisher | Strangely Charismatic

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The real reason for CA:TCW is that the two sides can't decide on a united fashion statement. Seriously, look at Tony's side: they all have fully covered hands. Ant Man's the only one on Cap's team that doesn't have fingerless gloves, so I think we can all agree he's the double agent. =P

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Fandom War! Beibers vs. All of Tumblr This is the best thing ever. :) And then Supernatural has the most views since 2010

Fandom War! Beibers vs. All of Tumblr This is the best thing ever. :) And then Supernatural has the most views since 2010

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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Black Veil Brides Warpaint is making a return. <<< yes that's wonderful and all bUT HAS ANYONE HEARD THEIR NEW SONG??? ITS AWESOME AND MY NEW FAVORITE SONG

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