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Warhammer 40k Video Games | An Inquisitor and a Tech-Priest, from the table-top simulation game Warhammer 40K, surrounding Link, from the Legend of Zelda video games

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New York Anime Festival Convention Profile


Warhammer 40k for Xbox One & PS4, Leading to Movie?!

We all liked Space Hulk and Dawn of War, but could Warhammer 40k's new Xbox One & PS4 game lead to a movie?

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(Editor's Note: Alliance Updates are aimed at internal audiences and usually are considered the gospel truth by their membership but vile propaganda by everybody else. You should definitely know this by now. Now, enjoy this update from The Mittani.)

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Happy New Year...For The Emperor!

Adrian Smith is a veteran artist who's had the privelege to work not just for Games Workshop - on stuff like Warhammer 40K - but in video games as well, for companies like THQ, EA, Ubisoft and Blizzard.

I'll be honest- I haven't played Warhammer 40K myself, but I do know the soldiers in the game can be pretty bad-ass. Though no tiny game figurine or polygons on my computer screen could possibly compare to this: I spotted this ginormous Warhammer 40K costume over on Dezilith's Devian...


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