Louisville Slugger 2011 TPX (-13) Warrior Baseball Bat - http://www.learnbatting.com/baseball-equipment-deals/louisville-slugger-2011-tpx-13-warrior-baseball-bat/

"Warrior" is the story of a father and his two sons, each estranged from one another, as they confront the past and battle to sort out their unforgiveness and anger.

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Warrior ~ This part almost made me cry!! This and the part where he's holding his pop. They ---> are such good actors!!

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"Warrior" Movie with Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton. Amazing movie that not many people have heard of. Everything was perfect. Beautiful story, and the casting was right for every character.

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Tom Hardy as TOMMY (Riordan) CONLON - Warrior - 2011 ... he was trained by Patrick "PNut" Monroe. I have so much respect for him in this role.

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