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Elements of a Highly Efficient Laundry Room

If your room is a bit bigger than a closet, put every surface to work! Install slim recessed cabinets between wall studs to hold fold-down ironing boards or drying racks. Set up an adjustable rod for hanging or, if you’re ambitious, try a suspended pulley system (it’s simpler than it sounds!). Built-in hampers, drying rods, and ironing cabinets (complete with outlets) make laundry infinitely simpler.

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Laundry Rooms So Lovely That You (Really!) Wouldn't Mind Spending Time in Them

Nobody actually likes doing laundry, but like death and taxes, it seems there’s always some to be done. If you’re going to spend time sorting, scrubbing and folding anyway, doesn’t it seem fitting to do it in a room you actually want to spend time in? These laundry rooms make the inevitable wash day less daunting.


Tablanket...All in one table and blanket the blanket folds inside of the table for easy pack up and go and when it gets dirty you just unzip the blanket from table and wash also to mention the blanket is water proof on the bottom for those spills.

We gave our laundry area a little face lift. New shelf, bead board, paint and Alphabet soup letters from Michael's. I LOVE IT!!!


We have this and LOVE IT. It's in our upstairs hallway and not one person notices it when it's folded up and not in use! Perfect!


Laundry Schedule - Sort Today - Wash Later - Fold Eventually - Iron Ha ha ha 13" wide and 17 1/2" tall hand-painted wood sign