Ao no Exorcist / Rin Okumura / Blue Exorcist / fairy tail / #anime

Ao no Exorcist / Rin Okumura / Blue Exorcist / fairy tail / yu gi oh /

Blue Exorcist - fairly entertaining

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Blue Exorcist -This is really good.Story is so good.I love eye effect ((like glowing or changing)but their full bodies glowing soo it is awesomeeee).I wached all 1 season and now 2 season was upload and i start to watch i'm so excited xD

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Kazue Kato "Blue Exorcist"  Blue version of the picture that was put out for the cover "Blue Exorcist" April issue. I also introduced here because I like it.  4月号「青の祓魔師」表紙用に出した絵の青ver.。気に入ってたのでのっけておきます。

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