Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!! I just watched episode 1!!!!!!!!!! Must watch two hundred times!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To the person above: u almost cried

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I'll admit that he thought Sherlock didn't do anything hadn't occured to me, but it had registered that he didn't know she saved Sherlock

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Wow. This is such a good idea. I love the concept of different circumstances with the same characters. I mean, I do this all the time myself and there really is no way that the Supernatural finale will satisfy everyone. Honestly, at this point Supernatural has gone so far downhill that the odds of the finale satisfying anyone are slim. If there are different finales there's bound to be a good one.

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I don't watch Supernatural and I swear form the outside you do look like your on crack. (And then some)

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Excuse me while I sit and mourn the fact that I can't watch episode 10 until Wednesday because I'm poor

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Sherlock S04 E01 "The Six Thatchers". Season 4.

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Seriously?! Ok she must have some biggger part to play but what if she really is linked to moriarty. :O

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I know the episodes where leaked and that is really difficult not to watch them, but if you do, remember to also watch them when they come out so we can keep the ratings up!!

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Ian Somerhalder - 13/01/17 - Tonight. Tonight. Tonight. My last episode of #vampirediaries as a director airs tonight 8PM/7 Central. I'm sure you're tired of me telling you so... just watch with me and I'll shut up. It's on @thecwtvd What do you think? - Twitter / Instagram Pictures

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