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She likes the symbolism of objects, especially gifts. She wears the time-piece around her neck for a reason

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The Hobbit The Hobbit Galadriel fairy queen water pocket watch necklace steampunk antique jewelry on Etsy, $5.00

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Is This the Coolest Way to Wear an Apple Watch?

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My family heirloom. My great great great great grandmother (a muggle, on my moms side) was a nurse in WW1 where she met my great great great great grandfather (a wizard). This was her necklace and it has been passed down from girl to girl on my moms side. My mom is a healer at St. Mungo' sand my dad was an auror (he was killed by death eaters). My dad was in gryffindor, mom was in Ravenclaw. I have a sister in 3rd year whose in Ravenclaw.

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Owl Be Watching You Necklace

Owl Be Watching You Necklace, #ModCloth Crazy about Owls, and even more about corny owl jokes!

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Steampunk Watch Necklace , Clock Pendant , Zodiac Jewelry , Glass Photo Pendant , Astronomical Clock Necklace , (code 0190PB)

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