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Polly Walker Online, Polly Walker, Rome HBO -- Is a videos series of dramatic podcasts a "movie"? What's the difference? Octavian may have been like that -- Atia certainly, better than the arid & fleshless Atia of Classical Civ 101, anyway...


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Kid’s Animated History With Pipo presents The Time Compass. Journey in time through the great cultures and civilizations of human history. Join your guide Pipo, in this hilarious animated series and adventure everywhere from Ancient Egypt to Classical Greece to early India...

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'She thought she had a big nose and feet, was too skinny and not enough breast': Audrey Hepburn's son reveals how the movie star never believed she was beautiful

Got the moves: Hepburn, a former ballet dancer (pictured in Rome on the set of War and Peace in 1955), said she thought her feet were too big

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A Vespa Tour of Rome

When one thinks of Rome, the first thing that comes to mind besides the ancient sites like the Roman Colosseum and Trevi Fountain are  Vespa scooters. Everyone remembers Audrey Hepburn riding with Gregory Peck during Roman Holiday; and the tradition continues decades later.