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When you freeze your TV during Tangled #disney #funny Lol his faces! (#disneyHumorMe)

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A little details that means a lot…

I did not even realize this... I MUST WATCH TANGLED AGAIN! (Of course I'll look for any excuse to watch Tangled again)

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Ultimate Disney Movie Workout Guide

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Tangled. I've seen this movie like 30 times, and there are still things I haven't noticed.

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Frozen Facts #7 @Cassia Reeves Short one day we were watching tangled and haddie said, "Look, little Anna's!"

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The more I watch Tangled, the more I realize how much I love Rapunzel. I think she's my favorite princess right after Belle.

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rise+of+the+brave+tangled+dragons | rise of the brave tangled dragons seasons au by sonnytots digital art ...

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