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Watch With Camera

Keep your kids behaving this Christmas season with a special Elf Camera watching them and reporting back to Santa! Made of glass and approximately 4 in diameter, this disc shaped ornament has glitter on the inside (no mess!) and vinyl decorations on the outside. Can be personalized with names on the back at no extra charge. **Please note this is NOT a real camera.


Learn to edit a portrait image in Photoshop

Learn to edit a portrait image in Photoshop Watch as we edit a photo starting in Adobe Camera Raw, cleaning up tones and exposures as well as cloning and highlighting areas.


"The Film" by ODM was inspired by vintage film cameras of the 70s and '80s. Design cues like its circular brushed steel dial with viewfinder aperture to read the minutes are reminiscent of classic cameras of yesteryear.


Lightroom 5 Video Tutorial

Lightroom 5 Video Tutorial using the Exposure slide bar.If you have an image that is underexposed, don't delete it from your camera or computer! In Lightroom 5 you can EASILY save this image.Watch the tutorial below.Did this help? If so please share with others. If you have…


The ultimate gadget of 1930s: Jaeger LeCoultre Compass. This compact 35mm camera was one of the most technically advanced gadgets of 1930s. It was produced by Swiss watch and clock manufacturer, also famous for its long-time partnership with luxury car makers. Jaeger LeCoultre sign can be found on the instrument panels of Bentley, Aston Martin, Lancia Astura, Delahaye, etc


— #pfpresett1 #filtrsfree - omg im so tired right now :'( but i filmed a lookbook for my youtube channel yesterday so when i upload, please watch!! - im sooooooOooooOooOoo in loVe with this filter oh my goshh :-))) this is super purdy and clean and is amazing for a feed but ony take bright pictures!!! lmao .. - qotd: what's your favorite type of filter?


ANDRÉ KERTÉSZ – WATCHING FROM ABOVE The word “surveillance” is often loaded with heavy connotations that spark concerns about privacy lost to everything from government eavesdropping to video cameras on every street corner. But what if that word was paired with the story and photographs of the Hungarian photographer André Kertész? ---


Photography Tips: Indoor Lighting Tricks + Camera Settings (Video)

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