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Bright Pink with Glitter. Say good-bye to harsh, smelly chemicals and hello to Piggy Paint water-based polish!

1. Gather a collections of sea colours. You will need some tape to protect your fingers and a glass of water. 2.Paint your nails with a base colour 3. Cover your finger`s skin with tape 4. Put a few nail polish drops of each colour into a glass of water(one into another) and use a pin or any other suitable tool to cover the surface of the water with nail polish. 5.Dunk your finger into the cup and wait for a while 6. Take it out 7.Use an ear pad to clean the nail polish from the sides


Odorless, waterbased. Set contains 2 Piggy Paint mini polishes, 3.5 ml in pink and purple. Only $5.99 each #greenliving #organicholiday #stockingstuffer

from Honeybee Gardens

WaterColors Nail Enamel

WaterColors Nail Enamel - Honeybee Gardens - Alternative to solvent-based nail enamel. Natural cosmetics.