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Once upon a time I thought I'd animate my character Li performing an original water bending form. Then I got half way through 'lining' the key frames and recovered my sanity. I was just looking thr...

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What Type of Bender Are You? (Legend of Korra)

Waterbender ~ Water is the element of change. You are easily adaptable and move through life with a sense of fluidity. You may feel drawn to a career helping/healing others. To become a master waterbender you must work with your environment. Bryan Konietzko: KATARA

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you can 100% blame jess for this after mentioning benders using their elements to dance. suddenly, ballet!waterbending

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2014年 反響の多かったもの

I kneel in the street, wanting to wash the blood off my hands. I cup my hands under running water, and start to freeze it into a perfect globe. I giggle quietly and leave it under the faucet for another person to see, and leave.

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Water Bender, Lloyd Allan on ArtStation at

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Bending sub-specialization. Which element would you choose?

Avatar The Last Airbender & Legend of Korra Bending sub-specialization. Which element would you choose?

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"so these sketches of ballet waterbending frickin EXPLODED and a lot of people seemed to want it animated SO. i give you extremely sketchy animations of katara, prima ballerina" Please click through for the original artist!

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Just For Fun

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