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Okay, I love this cute mom's creative ideas... she's a kid at heart for sure. She has all kinds of cute ideas for creative play on a dime. Here's just one. Wouldn't she be a fun mom?


Lee Broom Clear Crystal Bulb and Pendant


Genus "Peixes." Lives in the deepest parts of the ocean, making it very difficult to study. Members of this genus, despite their solitary lifestyle, have plenty of personality and vary greatly from specimen to specimen. Occasionally seen in shallower water in the company of an "Ampora" genus member. (source:

A simple DIY play frame that will add fun to sand and water play...

Broom Making Crafty Tip Whenever you are using natural materials such as broom corn, or some thin strips for basket material, it is commonly known to soak them in water for a while to make them pliable. Some of these materials may develop mold when damp. Soaking in a weak bleach solution may help. Try a sample of the material first, to see how it reacts and be mindful of your clothes and surroundings as bleach is harmful to fabrics etc.


Hydropower from Reuse

(yet another) ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE TUTORIAL!!! "Build A Small Hydropower Generator... " using an old printer, some CDs & a length of pipe or a broom handle. This generator isn’t going to produce much electricity, probably just enough to run an LED light, but that’s not the point, it's an excellent introduction, showing the basics of hydroelectricity, should you want to build a generator capable of creating a usable amount of electricity.