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from Martha Stewart

Container Garden Ideas for Any Household

:: indoor plants :: water plants :: I would not put a goldfish in it, not enough space for a fish.


Pond Plant Containers Whiskey Barrel Liner by Botanica. $24.99. Pond plant containers for water lilies and pond plants Create a miniature container garden full of beautiful water plants Use as a waterproof liner or to grow pond plants indoors Grow beautiful miniature water gardens with these durable plant containers. They're perfect as waterproof liners or use them indoors to rear pond plants early in the season. The Water Lily Container measures 16" x 7" high...


Re-use cooled cooking water from eggs as a free nutrient source for your plants - the shells leach calcium during cooking into the water and this mineral helps boost flower production in fruiting plants like tomatoes, peas, beans, zucchini, chilli and of course your flowers. Easy way to water pot plants indoors too! More DIY Fertilizers @ | The Micro Gardener