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Bach Flower Oracle Cards. 38 High Quality Cards with a 50 Page Booklet

Water Violet - Bach Flower Oracle Card by Susanne Winberg. Message: Connect with the people around you.


Bach Flower Cards [Water Violet] - Water Violet personalities present an image of superiority, capability, and calm control. They never fall apart in an unexpected situation, but can take charge. This dependence from other people leads to an emotional drain that can cause a Water Violet person to begin believing that they truly are special and thus they become prideful. After treatment, person is able to use his self-confidence and independent attitude for the good of others as well as…


What happens when you’ve really neglected your violet?  You might have a plant that appears something like the one shown at left.  This plant (aSaintpaulia species) has been left virtually ignored, other than occasional watering, on the corner of a light stand, pressed up against a wall. For more than six months, it hasn’t been turned or had any leaves


La violeta de agua alienta un flujo de energía más libre, permitiendo el goce de la compañía de otros y sentirse más cerca de las personas sin sacrificar el sentido propio ni la independencia.