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*laughs awkwardly* um... this happened to me, this guy was reading over my shoulder and asked what I was reading and I told him it was an online book, because if I said fan fiction I would burst into flames...

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How to Write a Book And Get it Published: A Beginner's Guide

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toomuchfandomsbruh (@proud_author)

Check out my profile on Wattpad, I'm toomuchfandomsbruh YELLOW!!I am Scarlet_Widow. I love anime, food, movies, books (ESPECIALLY FICTION), disney, nickelodeon, cartoon network, finn and jake, toshiro, harry potter movie, avengers (Especially pietro), X-men, Gotham, Justice League, Bleach, Shugo Chara, OHHC, Fairy Tail, Lucky Star, Sword Art Online, Ice...

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Manga citations - Sword art online #1

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Hell War with a Succubus - Dream of Pain

#wattpad #action A girl named Aries forgets meaning in life and suffers through immediate depression after the loss of a relationship. She writes her mind and later finds out she is treasured by a friendless succubus. A little demon messenger unexpectedly walks to their doorway to deliver a war notice. Feniah...

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Best Gifts for Musicians or Music Lovers

Are you struggling to find the perfect gifts for the musician or music lover in your life? We've rounded up some cool gift ideas for music lovers that would help them enjoy music even more and show off their love of music.

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Miki (@MikiUniqueFun)

Check out my profile on Wattpad, I'm Miki Hi I'm Miki I honestly love writing books so a while ago. I got wattpad and so i'm writing books on here now. I have written other books, but not online those are all in notebooks in my room. Now i'm writing books on wattpad, which I really enjoy so if you would just give me a chance maybe i'll su...