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In response to Obama’s (ridiculous) gun control demands, the NRA has issued this bone-chilling message. Please share this until EVERY American sees it. On Tuesday, the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre issued a startling statement. LaPierre scolded Obama and his liberal minions and exposed the truth behind their gun control schemes. LaPierre stated: “President Obama has all …


I'm almost for certain everyone can agree with this picture. What can stop violence? Believe it or not,violence used against violence stops it. War is the prime example, stopping communists, searching for a known terrorist etc


Wayne LaPierre’s Bold Claim About Universal Background Checks: ‘That Registry Will Be Used to Confiscate Your Guns’. - While the NRA argues that more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens creates a safer community, many in the administration and on the left disagree, saying it leads to more gun violence and accidental deaths. - “The Second Amendment — it’s not just words on parchment. -- What do you think & will you register you weapons???


Wayne La Pierre"s children - Let us state for the record that there is critical mass of Americans in this country whose very existence is based upon ignorance, paranoia, racism, seething hatred, bitterness, and bigotry. They can’t get up in the morning unless they have someone to hate or look down upon, because that is what lifts them up and makes their world seem not so shitty...


03-03-2016 Wayne LaPierre: An Anti-Gun President Filling Two Supreme Court Vacancies Should Scare The Hell Out Of Us - Matt Vespa