This sums up the real heroes of the Boston Marathon! Completed in full uniform. (Photo from WBZ Boston)

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Life is Good New England radio show WBZ Boston

WBZ Boston Dick Summer's Nightlight "Password", 1960's. I memorized it then, and can't forget it--even if I try. "One hen, two ducks, 3 squawking geese, 4 limerick oysters, 5 corpulent porpoises, 6 pair of Don Alverso's tweezers, seven thousand Macedonians in full battle array, 8 brass monkeys from the ancient sacred crypts of Egypt,"........(and on it goes)

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WBZ Boston News on Twitter: "Man says he snapped photo of 'Wessie,' 10-foot…

My interview last spring with Kate Merrill on WBZ Boston's CBS affiliate. To see the whole interview go to:

WBZ Boston Channel 4 CBS anchorman, Dan Rea.

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