Very much true...don't give up on somebody ...we all make mistakes...if you really cares and really love someone you don't give forgive...if you give up than you're love and feelings were not real but fake ..L.Loe

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We all make mistakes No one is perfect, we all make mistakes. Despite our failings, we still deserve respect. Don't let anyone put you down. — Unknown Author

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Good people sometimes make bad decisions Good people sometimes make bad decisions. They mess up, and they let others down. But that doesn't make them bad people. We all make mistakes. — Unknown Author

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My anxiety has taken away my most precious asset. My beautiful dove... And im terrified I'll never get her back

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We all make mistakes... In life, in love, at work - it's what makes us human. The key is not to dwell on these mistakes but to own up to them and make it right. What happened with #SteveHarvey last night was unfortunate... But it was brave of him to step up and take responsibility - and on national TV no less! I've seen so many memes at his expense today when instead we should commend him for admitting fault & trying to make it right. After all, we're only human. ❤️ #bekind #missuniverse2015

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just because I dont agree with you doesnt mean I dont love you | Who am I to judge another, when I walk imperfectly.

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Never let anyone use your past against you! We all make mistakes, but the most important thing here is to consider it a lesson. Shit…

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