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Ah, words can't describe the pain sometimes, but we have to believe in more, something bigger more meaning than just one person. We need to remember God is always there, always listening, put him first and he will always take care of you.


Self. "Explanatory...." u think i'm just an "anGeL..." LooooooooooL i'm "Human" Therefore: i have "Dark" Tendencies. We aLL "Better..." acknowledged "within" So we don't "forget" to stay "humble" n' that our "cravings" can easily "overtake" us. if we are not "Careful" ;) <3


We are who we are, pretty's just a pretty word. And I'm gonna shine like a star, coz i'm the only me in this world throw away the books and the magazines, never gonna look like a beauty queen -Little mix - Witty Profiles Quote 6630333