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50 Baby Shower Game Ideas

The Best List Of Baby Shower Games! So many popular games to choose from. Baby Bingo, Pass The Prize, Don't Say Baby, Left Right Game!


Obama had the best views and vision of any president in MY generation as of right now. seriously, everyone needs to hear this and realize how silly it is that men are making decisions on laws aimed towards women, which most of them don't understand us and what we go through anyways...

from The Joys of Boys

Free Printable Road Trip Games

I'm so glad that I found these free printable road trip games! We have a LONG road trip coming up and these will be perfect for entertaining the kids. I love the travel bingo!


8/24/12 Camping Bingo. We made our own because we couldn't find this page anymore. We brainstormed what you see when you go camping and drew our own pictures on a blank BINGO template.

from Play.Party.Plan

Gilmore Girls Bingo Cards

These Gilmore Girls bingo cards would be perfect for a party to watch the new show on Netflix on Black Friday! Who will we see first - will it be Rory, Lorelai, and Luke or maybe some junk food like pop-tarts. Doesn’t matter if you’re Team Logan, Jess, or Dean, you’ll love these ideas for funny games during a Gilmore Girls viewing party! I’m definitely printing them out to play with my sister!


We've had lots of feedback from our "Read-O" and "Math-O" that was posted a few days ago and so I wanted to post the "Write-O" that I made a few years back! Hopefully you will find this as a great take-home activity with your kiddos.