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Looking for the best way to paint a beveled door? We've mapped it out for you! Start with Area A, using an angled brush to paint all recessed areas. To prevent brush marks on the larger, smooth areas of your door (B-E), line the recessed areas with painter’s tape. Next, move on to Area B, painting each subsequent area in alphabetical order. Use a brush or roller, making sure with each stroke that the fresh paint you are overlapping is still wet. This will help to avoid paint streaks. And…


I think we can make a special page about some of our journeys we all had in our lives, like our best vacations, coolest locations we've been to and stuff like that.


Guys. For real. We are amazing. Look at this. Be proud. It's already at number one!!! <<YAYY NIALL!! YOU GO BABE!! :) <3


Jerry Falwell Jr. Thinks the GOP ESTABLISHMENT Leaked the Trump Tape - "It might even have been a conspiracy"