You can have students write down in their science journals what the differences are between weather and climate after doing a lesson on it. SC.6.E.7.6 Differentiate between weather and climate.

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!!!!!!! Great Activity: Difference between weather and climate. Links to an AWESOME website with lesson plans and activities that promote higher level thinking for all subject areas!!!!

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NASA Climate Kids - An educational website with activities, resources, and games to teach kids of all ages about Earth's systems, water cycle, weather and climate.

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WEATHER AND CLIMATE DEFINITIONS MATCH * 20 basic words and definitions all dealing with the WEATHER AND CLIMATE! * Your students are given 20 words to match up with 20 definitions from clouds to barometer. * An "EXTRA" science activity with learning involved. * Students will reinforce their knowledge of "the weather and climate" as they solve this match. * Educational, fun and engaging. WEATHER AND CLIMATE DEFINITIONS MATCH!

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