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The perfect road trip through Scotland

The perfect road trip through Scotland. A travel guide with a detailed itinerary starting in Glasgow and ending in Edinburgh. Click for more!


5th Grade Weather and Climate

This Weather and Climate poster is designed to aide students in understanding that weather and climate are two separate measures. Weather is the measure of atmospheric conditions on a day to day basis whereas climate is the weather in a certain area over a number of years.


Perfect storm: amazing photos of supercell thunderstorms, by Sean R Heavey


What to Pack for Trips to Scotland

What to Pack for Trips to Scotland What to Pack for Glasgow/Edinburgh in Spring Spring is the best season to plan trips to Scotland. April is the sunniest and warmest month of the season. The temperature varies from 5-20 C / 40-68 F, but it’s quite chilled all the time. While the weather may be mild, it can still rain really badly. A waterproof jacket such as a trench coat is your best friend all the time. You can wear a cotton sweater or cardigan with a long sleeves shirt underneath…


Glasgow's George Square. This has old architecture and new modern architecture side by side. It is great to see both types of architecture side by sode and mixes really well together.